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We pledge to continue to raise awareness about the natural solutions to issues facing our modern society.

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Summer Camp Workshop

In August 2019, we held our first workshop at a summer camp in Kennett Square. It was only four months after we launched the company so we were thrilled to share our ideas.

We showed our campers a video about a woman and a bee she befriended in her garden. We explained the importance of bees and pollinators to the children – after all, without pollinators we wouldn’t have any food on planet earth. Then we gave the kids a small beeswax wrap, and showed them how to fold our wraps into reusable pouches they can reuse for snacks.

In only a few hours, the kids understood why a natural product like beeswax food wraps can preserve food freshness, thereby reducing food waste. But they also understood how our product could reduce and/or replace single use plastic.

Food waste and the increased production of single use plastic are two monumental issues facing our society, and we were able to show the kids that natural solutions to these critical issues already exist.

Education at the Market

In our first year, we attended an average of 25 farmers markets per month in our area. We quickly realized that many of our clients, both young and old alike, were not familiar with beeswax food wraps when they approached our farmers market stand.  But everyone at a farmers market understands the importance of fresh food!

With a receptive audience that loved fresh food from local farmers, we explained that beeswax food wraps form a protective barrier of freshness around any food item. Beeswax is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal. Those are the natural properties working to keep food fresh for longer. In general, we say a beeswax food wrap will double the freshness of food. If lettuce typically stays fresh for a week in your crisper, a head of lettuce wrapped in a beeswax food wrap will stay fresh for two weeks.

Humans love all kinds of food, so our advice to newcomers is to start by using beeswax food wraps with those items you have a hard time keeping fresh in your home.  For example, Adriana and I love berries. She loves strawberries and I love blueberries, so as soon as we get home with fresh berries, they go into a pyrex container and we cover the berries with a beeswax wrap.  

(Hint – Try to minimize the amount of “air space” between the food and the beeswax wrap for maximum freshness).

Beeswax food wraps are an incredible vehicle for educating people about natural solutions to our modern world.  Our first task at farmers markets is to inform and educate.