With proper care, beeswax food wraps Atlanta, GA will last a year or longerCold water and mild dish soap is all you need to clean and maintain your beeswax food wraps.  After rinsing, hang the wrap over your dish rack to let it air dry.  We recommend storing wraps in a drawer or similar cool, dry place.

We always remind our clients at our farmers markets that our number one rule with beeswax food wraps is to avoid heat!  After all, beeswax will melt so never put a beeswax food wrap in your oven or microwave, and never use hot water when cleaning a beeswax wrap.

Finally, we do not recommend for use with raw meat or uncooked seafood.

Often our clients at farmers markets ask about covering prepared food that is still hot.  We always recommend waiting until the food has cooled to room temperature before covering with an Organic wrap Atlanta, GA.



Like honey, beeswax is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal. We infuse locally sourced beeswax into cotton fabric and utilize the organic properties of beeswax to form a protective freshness barrier around food.

Beeswax food wraps are the only natural food storage option that utilizes the preservative qualities of beeswax to extend the freshness of your favorite foods at home.

We source our beeswax from local beekeepers, and our high-quality ingredients produce the best results for long-lasting food wraps. We infuse beeswax into colorful cotton fabric to make our wraps, and we do so by hand in small batches every week to ensure the premium quality our clients have come to expect from us at local farmers markets.

Our eco-friendly and reusable wraps are the best way to store fresh bread, cheese, greens, and any fruit or vegetable – and keep it fresh for twice as long as food without beeswax.

Bee Our Guest beeswax food wraps stick great to glass for all-purpose covers, the skin of fruits and veggies, and they adhere to themselves so you can customize baggies, wrap it around a loaf of bread, a sandwich, or lettuce.

Every wrap will last from one to two years with regular use and proper care. Easy to clean, the most important rule is to avoid heat, so always use cold water and dish soap when cleaning.

Wrap. Rinse. Reuse. Bee Our Guest today to experience the best of fresh food at home!

Lettuce + Avocado


Beeswax food wraps will extend the life of fruit and vegetables for longer. 

For example, if a typical head of lettuce keeps for 5 to 8 days without beeswax, it can last closer to 12 to 15 days inside a beeswax food wrap.

We all know avocados turns brown within a few hours of cutting it in half, but if you wrap it in beeswax the other half will remain green and appetizing for days instead of hours.

Bread + Cheese


Wrap an entire loaf of freshly baked bread for the best way to keep bread fresh and nutritious without baking preservatives into the food.

Cheesemakers have been showing us the preservative benefits of beeswax for generations with the wax they use on the outside of large wheels of cheese.  Beeswax food wraps wrap around any shape of cheese and can keep cheese fresh and delicious for longer.

Food Covers + Storage for Berries


Beeswax food wraps are also the perfect reusable cover for leftovers!  We recommend waiting until hot food has cooled before covering with beeswax.

Store your berries in a glass or Pyrex dish with a beeswax cover, and double the freshness of your berries!

Hint:  Try using glass containers to create windows so you can see what is inside the storage container.

Check out our videos on our Bee Our Guest YouTube Channel for more ideas!!

Bags + Pouches


Beeswax wraps are reusable so not only do they keep food fresh for longer, they also reduce the need for single use plastic!  Replace single use plastic and plastic bags to store and transport your snacks and food.

Check out our videos on our Bee Our Guest YouTube channel that show how to fold the wraps into reusable baggies and pouches while you are on the move!

About Us


Bee Our Guest was founded in 2019 by Adriana and Peter Fitzgerald in Kennett Square, PA.  Everyday, we produce local beeswax food wraps that preserve food, keep food fresh for longer, and reduce single use plastic.

Beeswax is nature’s preservative – naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal.  We utilize these preservative qualities by infusing local beeswax into cotton fabric.