founders of bee our guest adriana and peter fitzgerald

About Us

Bee Our Guest was founded in 2019 by Adriana and Peter Fitzgerald in Kennett Square, PA.  Everyday, we produce local beeswax food wraps that preserve food, keep food fresh for longer, and reduce single use plastic.

Beeswax is nature’s preservative – naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal.  We utilize these preservative qualities by infusing local beeswax into cotton fabric. 

Reusable – The beeswax food wraps we produce are reusable for one or even two years!

Our journey began on our honeymoon.  We challenged ourselves to not use, purchase, or collect any single use plastic while traveling for six weeks on a road trip across the Australian continent.  Not only did we complete our challenge, we also decided single use plastic could ALWAYS be replaced with human intention.

Both of us had complained about single use plastic for years, but upon returning home from the honeymoon in Australia, we decided to take action.  Changing our daily habits may be the hardest thing we ever do as humans, and we hope you are up to the challenge.

Once we realized beeswax food wraps preserved food for longer AND reduced single use plastic, there was no looking back!  We hope to see you at a local market event soon!


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